Welcome To The Squad

We are a diverse team of professionals that are dedicated to supporting people living in mission. We seek to develop your businesses, programs, and ideas into successful endeavors that leave a lasting legacy. Turtle Island Tech Squad is looking forward to getting to know just how it is you feel called to make your difference. We can easily provide the knowledge, technology, and communications needs you require to leave a positive impact.

At The Core

Our Collective Vision
Our vision is to create a network of collectively supportive mission-based businesses and nonprofits, focus on the needs of today’s communities.
How We Deliver
The Mission
Our Philosophy

Some Stats…

$316.23 Billion Donated to U.S. Non-Profits in 2012
National Percentage of Donation from Individuals: 72
817,379 U.S. Non-Profits with less than $100,000 in Revenue (58%)
Percentage of Non Profits w/o Mobile Access: % 84
Percentage of Non Profit Mobile Member Donations: % 76

Our Happy Clients